The Four Seasons, Winter, A.Vivaldi (classical guitar)


vivaldi-winter-classical-guitarThe first four concerts of Antonio Vivaldi are called: “The Four Seasons“. The fourth is “The Winter“, a concerto in F minor in three movements. The first movement is an Allegro, as described by Vivaldi: “the ruthless action of the cold wind“. It is certainly not easy to propose an entire concert for strings alone with the classical guitar, then it is a very difficult piece to play, but also very impressive, given its huge importance in the history of music.

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The Four Seasons, Winter, A.Vivaldi (classical guitar solo)



  1. Herb

    First time I hear this on guitar. Never thought it possible!
    This is the kind of work that deserves a dam good donation. Do you guys have the sheet music?

    1. Wenz (Post author)

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