Estas Tonné – The Song of the Golden Dragon

estas tonne-classical guitarThe Russian guitarist Estas Tonne defining a modern Troubadour, which is a medieval storyteller. I do not know whether it is the best definition, but certainly his music, and is classical-flamenco guitar, brings a lot of energy! As in this performance at the Buskers Festival Stadtspektakel in Landshut in September 2011 at the Old Town with “The Song of the Golden Dragon.” You will also find some useful links.

by Wenz
Guitarist, Composer


Estas Tonné web site

The Song Of The Golden Dragon Tab


  1. Annabel

    This guitarist leaves you speechless, I’d like to see a few festival.

  2. Gábor

    absolute dream!!!!

  3. Hannes Z

    The linked tab is outdated. You can find a complete and precise one in the description of my cover


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