Enzo Crotti: “Summer Song”
Classical Guitar, Fingerstyle


Summer Song - classical guitar 432 hz songHere’s another piece for classical guitar fingerstyle, which, as the title suggests, is meant to represent the Summer.

During the summer, the fruits ripen they saw their birth in the spring. It is colorful, but it also has a touch of melancholy, since it carries with it the seed of the beginning of the “decline” which ends with the Winter.

The guitar music that I have composed is in a major key, to bring up the warmth of the summer sun with a simple and catchy theme that brings to the relaxation of the holiday. The dance of insects that carry out their life in the camps and the slow movement of the ears pushed from the air in the evening, at sunset. All lyrical images that have inspired me for these soft melodies.

In all this peace comes the starry summer sky, with its heat that does not sleep, returning from a theme classical guitar and other things, like wrapping every day that comes with its minor keys, reminding us that nothing lasts ever, and so soon the summer will end up leaving his post to Autumn.

by Enzo Crotti
Guitarist, Composer

CD Some Little Musical Things - 432 hz


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