Malagueña – Classical Guitar by Michael Lucarelli

michael lucarelli malaguena tabMalagueña is one of the traditional styles of Andalusian music (flamenco). In this musical genre is important the insistent rhythm of the dance, and improvisation of the popular language. The version of Michael Lucarelli has been very successful, sure because it is a nice video, but also because it expresses a lot of energy in my opinion. As usual I put also some useful links. Good listening.

If you like Latin sound, I can also recommend my song “A Mixolydian Samba“, which has a very special tuning. Thank you.


VIDEO: Malagueña – Classical Guitar – Michael Lucarelli

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  1. I would gladly pay for guitar tab transcriptions of a number of songs. I’ve been following you on youtube and would love to learn a lot of the songs you play (mainly the best of Michael Lucarelli Guitar) video on youtube.

    Please let me know!