Sultans of Swing for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar

Sultans of Swing Classical GuitarSultans of Swing is the first and one of the most famous songs of Dire Straits, written by guitarist and singer Mark Knopfler. This music is characterized by ingenious fill and solo by Mark Knopfler who mix virtuosity and technique in his fingerpicking (coming from the Bluegrass). The classic response of the guitar to the voice (fill) is a peculiarity of Knopfler, as well as clean timbres. The song has a tipical Spanish sequence of chords, and lends itself to a rhythmic version for classic solo guitar.

If you love the rhythmic rhythms of this music, maybe you will also enjoy listening to my song “A Mixolydian Samba, from Latin atmospheres a bit special, which of course I recommend to you. Thanks.

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VIDEO: Sultans of Swing for Classical and Fingerstyle Guitar




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