Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Classical Guitar Cover

wonderful tonight - eric clapton - classical guitarOn 7 September 1976, Clapton wrote “Wonderful Tonight” for Boyd while waiting for her to get ready to attend Paul and Linda McCartney’s annual Buddy Holly party. Of “Wonderful Tonight”, Boyd would say: “For years it tore at me. To have inspired Eric, and George before him, to write such music was so flattering. ‘Wonderful Tonight’ was the most poignant reminder of all that was good in our relationship, and when things went wrong it was torture to hear it.”[2] The song is mentioned in her autobiographical book Wonderful Tonight: George Harrison, Eric Clapton, and Me.
Although “Wonderful Tonight” is not one of the songs that Clapton loved the most, it has had a lot of public success and is still very successful. The evening atmospheres of this song make it very beautiful even played at the classic guitar.

If you like the soft atmospheres of classical guitar I can also recommend you my song Summer Song. Thank You.


VIDEO: Wonderful Tonight – Eric Clapton – Classical Guitar Cover

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