Santa Lucia – Italian folk song with Classical Guitar

santa lucia classicla guitar“Santa Lucia” is a traditional Italian song. The original lyrics of “Santa Lucia” celebrate the picturesque waterfront district, Borgo Santa Lucia, in the Bay of Naples, in the invitation of a boatman to take a turn in his boat, to better enjoy the cool of the evening. In the United States, an early edition of the song, with an English translation by Thomas Oliphant, was published by M. McCaffrey, Baltimore. Perhaps the definitive 20th century recording of the song was that of Enrico Caruso, the great Neapolitan opera singer. The song was also recorded by Elvis Presley on the 1965 album Elvis for Everyone and featured in the film Viva Las Vegas. It is a well-known song in northern European countries, albeit with a different text and title. However given the very Latin sound it is well suited to be played with classical guitar.

If you love Italian music, I can also recommend my song “Riflessi sul Reale” with a text inspired by the teachings of Master Gurdjieff. Thank you.


VIDEO: Santa Lucia – Italian folk song with Classical Guitar


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