Best Playlist for Classical Guitar

best classical guitar playlistIf you want to hear a lot of beautiful music for classical guitar, a good method is to use the playlist of Youtube which are selections of songs made by other users.

You can find dozens of playlists, so I decided to put on this page the most interesting playlist I’ve found divided into genres. If you want to see more you can find here with a nice ready-made search: Playlist classical guitar on Youtube.

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Best Classical Guitar playlist

Let’s start with a mixed playlist with many beautiful pieces of classical guitar of various kinds.

Spanish Classical Guitar Playlist

The classical guitar is an instrument of Spanish origin, here’s a nice playlist of Spanish guitar.


Bach Classical Guitar Playlist

He could not miss, so here’s a beautiful Playlist dedicated to the great genius of Bach interpreted with the classical guitar.


Classical Guitar Cover Playlist

The classical guitar is a very versatile musical instrument, you can play a wide repertoire. Cover songs performed with the classical guitar can be very pleasant, listen to many in this Playlist.


John Williams Classical Guitar Playlist

John Williams is certainly the most famous and versatile guitarist alive. His career led him to play anything, how do you feel in this Playlist classical guitar.


Andres Segovia, Classical Guitar Playlist

Andres Segovia is the master of masters, which formed and influenced entire generations of classical guitarists. During his long career he has recorded many songs, here are a few.


Women’s in Classical Guitar Playlist

Women are very important for the classical guitar, both in the past that there are now many great guitarists woman to listen to in this Playlist.


3 HOURS Best Calming Music with Classical Guitar

Classical guitar has a sweet and soothing sound, so here’s three hours of relaxing music for classical guitar.

Beatles for classical guitar Playlist

The Beatles’ music is one of the pleasant and complete as of the Pop scene. Here is a nice Playlist.

Many Other Playlist of Classical Guitar



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