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If you enjoy relaxing music at 432 Hz, you will surely love these 432 Hz guitar playlists that can serve you for study or just to rest after a day’s work.

The 432 Hz music is tuned to more natural frequencies than the 440 Hz tuned, which is most commonly used. The 432 Hz note frequencies are intonated with Earth’s motion, with Ear Coclea frequencies, and many other things in Nature, while 440 Hz tuning does not have many natural justifications.

Guitar, especially classical guitar, is very effective for relaxation, with its typical sweet and harmonic sound. Here are some playlists that you can hear when you want to find some relaxation. Unfortunately not all music at 432 Hz is alike, because this would be better natural scales like Pythagoras or Just Intonation, than the temperate scale, which is artificial as a basic concept.

I know the subject of music at 432 Hz, because I wrote a book titled “Integral 432 Hz Music“, which explains many discoveries about music and meditation. I can then advise you to listen to my song “Pavane” by Fauré, which contains many things that you do not find in normal music at 432 Hz. Good discovery.

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VIDEO: Relaxing Guitar 432 Hz Playlists




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