“Prayer for the Dead” original song for classical guitar by Michael Lucarelli

guitar tsunami lucarelliPrayer for the Dead” is an original song for classical guitar written and played by Michael Lucarelli. The piece is characterized by a slow arpeggio in a minor key, in fact, as the author says in the notes of the video, is dedicated to the commemoration of the 238,000 victims of the 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami. The guitar used by Lucarelli in the video is a model Clarita “Loriente” with table in cedar, a guitar with a good sustain and presence.

Well, good listening of Prayer for the Dead” by Michael Lucarelli to classical guitar.
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Prayer for the Dead” by Michael Lucarelli (dedicated to 2004 Indian Ocean tsunami)


  1. Luc

    Can I have the tab?

    1. Wenz (Post author)

      I believe you have to ask to: http://www.michaellucarelli.com/

      1. Luc

        Yes. Already done. Thanks

        1. aly

          did you happen to get a reponse? im interested in the tabs too

          1. Luc St-pierre

            Yes. You need to go on the website to buy the tab I am searching for others tab in the same kind

          2. Wenz (Post author)

            Ok, to buy the tab in to the author’s website is a nice thing I believe. Other way I don’t know.

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