The Forest (Jamie Dupuis), solo Guitar

jamie dupuis the forrestThe Forest by Jamie Dupuis is an original composition for classical guitar that has two movements, the first fast and aggressive and the second more calm and slow. The inspiration for the song, as Jamie confirmed, came to him from different composers such Rodrigo and Barrios. In this way it seems to me that the song well describes quiet and peaceful atmosphere of a forest, but it can change quickly and become very dangerous in some cases. Jamie Dupuis is a Composer and Guitarist from Canada. He has a solid background, with studies in college and private and received Numerous awards for His performances. His inspiration is derived from such artists as Jason Becker, Tommy Emmanuel, Keith Jarrett, Buster B Jones, Roland Dyens and Carlo Domeniconi. This has led to His unique stylistic creation and sound with the guitar.

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VIDEO: The Forest (Jamie Dupuis), solo Guitar



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