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Frank Martin’s “Quatre pièces brèves” are an example of a cultured composition dedicated to the guitar, which however did not have a sequel from the author.

In the 30s the great guitarist Andrés Segovia stimulated many composers to create works for guitar and among them there was also the Swiss Frank Martin, who dedicated these “Quatre pièces brèves” to guitar and Segovia. These are pieces of great compositional quality, but Segovia never played them. For this there is a discussion: on the one hand Segovia could not play all the compositions that came to him that were many, and on the other the composers were upset about this. So Segovia had a great responsibility, but it was later Julian Bream who rediscovered these songs and made them known to the public.

Sheet music

Martin, Frank – Quatre Pieces Breves – Sheet Music – pdf

Martin, Frank – Quatre Pieces Breves – Manuscript

Performance: Frank Martin – “Quatre pièces brèves”

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