Carlo Domeniconi – Koyunbaba Op.19

Turkish: Koyunbaba and Kalekapisi Mosque (Author Paradogsia lal)

Carlo Domeniconi is an Italian composer that was born in 1947. After leaving Italy he lived first in Berlin and then to Turkey, where he started the guitar class at Istanbul Conservatory. Domeniconi is perhaps best known for his piece Koyunbaba (Op. 16), written in 1985. The name literally means “shepherd”, but also alludes to many other meanings, such as, for example, the name of a mystic of the thirteenth century, whose tomb it is decorated with pieces of colored cloth from the inhabitants of nearby villages, invoking his help in the event of family problems. v The song is very evocative and makes use of various classical guitar techniques such as tremolo, legato, harmonics and muted strings.

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Video: Carlo Domeniconi – Koyunbaba Op.19 – Classical Guitar

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