Classical Guitar video: “Farmer’s Blues” (from Schumann’s theme)

farmer's blues - classical guitar 432 hzI would like to tell you about one of my musical project that ended with the creation of a solo guitar CD containing twelve tracks plus a bonus-trak: “Some Little Musical Things“. This is the first video that I made some years ago. Being the first is a bit “rough”, but the title would say it is in tune. In fact, “Farmer’s Blues” is a blues , which seeks to give a romantic vision of ruralle figure in contact with nature par excellence: the farmer.

I drew inspiration for my production from guitarists such Ralph Towner and Andrew York. The pieces are small compositions lasting about three minutes, with improvisation and repetition of the theme.

I got theme of “Farmer’s Blues” from a famous piano piece by Schumann which is entitled “Happy Farmer“. On this tune, with appropriate variations, I put the original harmony a little more refined than the usual harmony of a twelve-bar blues.  In particular there are harmonies built on the third inversion of E7 and the unusual presence of the C7 that creates an ambiguity with the minor mode.

I hope you enjoy the video, soon followed by other songs that I will try to give an explanation of how I wrote them. Good listening and viewing at all.

by Wenz
Guitarist and Composer

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