Why start playing classical guitar?

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free classical guitar lessonsOn internet you can find many video guitar lessons. What is missing is a path that can accompany a student in the first steps with the classical guitar. For this you will find an order to follow on what are the important lessons to learn to play classical guitar.

About Classical Guitar

Classical guitar is not the classical music! Learn how to play classical guitar is to follow a tradition developed over centuries of evolution. Playing classical guitar means learning how to play a melody and accompaniment at the same time, as would a pianist. What makes particular this method, is precisely the classical approach, which is the study of methods that have been honed over time by the great masters.

It must be the classical guitar for strength?

There are many types of guitars, but the classical guitar has been developed to play complex music. The neck is more spacing for the fingers, the nylon strings are softer and are more sensitive to the variety of timbre.

Well, then begin to play classical guitar. First, we know the parts of this guitar.

by Wenz
Guitarist and Composer

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