Eine Kleine Nachtmusik, Mozart for piano and guitar

eine kleine nachtmusik guitar and pianoA little night music.

It feels good to say “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” or “Een Kleine Nacht Muziek” in Dutch. There’s a certain rhyme to it. But its original name was “Serenade No. 13 for Strings” or “A Little Serenade.”

When Robert Bekkers first arranged it for our duo, we played it everywhere and then forgot about it. His guitar student Onno de Haan had made a video recording of our concert in Warmond in the Netherlands in November 2008. How such a gem got lost can be explained by our always looking forward to the next concert, the next piece, and not having much time to review what we’ve done and what’s worth keeping.

A long time ago, I played a piano duet (one piano, 4 hand) version of the “Eine Kleine Nachtmusik” at a talent contest one summer at Oxford. We won a bottle of champagne and drank it at our next bridge game at New College. I found my piano duet and bridge partner recently online. Hopefully these video clips will evoke some memories of our duet.

Perhaps this will also give ideas to re-arranging string quartets for piano and guitar. I have heard some beautiful string quartets by Jacob TV. Any other ideas?

There are free scores available online but not for piano and guitar.

(Taken from the Concert Blog)

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