Luigi Legnani – Caprice n. 29 – Classical Guitar

Legnani caprice 29 classical guitarLuigi Rinaldo Legnani (7 November 1790 – 5 August 1877) was an Italian guitarist, singer, composer and luthier. Born in Ravenna, Legnani was trained as a string player while very young but dedicated himself to guitar and voice. His debut as an operatic tenor was in Ravenna in 1807; his singing career spanned 17 years. His career as a guitarist began with a concert in Milan in 1819; with his concerts in 1822 concerts in Vienna and return visits in 1833 and 1839 he tried to continue the guitar tradition established there by Mauro Giuliani. Legnani is perhaps best known for his 36 Caprices op. 20 for the guitar, which cover all the major and minor keys, and which were probably inspired by Paganini’s 24 Caprices for the violin, indeed he and Paganini were friends from the 1830s. The Caprice 29 is a short but very virtuous and fast composition, like a kind of explosion of notes. It is a great exercise for scales and arpeggios with the classic guitar.

If you love virtuoso classical guitar songs, I also recommend also my composition “A Mixolydian Samba“. Thank you.


VIDEO: Luigi Legnani – Caprice n. 29 – Classical Guitar



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