Romance (anonimo)
from Sor to Narciso Yepes
(and the film “Jeux Interdits”)


Romance is the title of a famous song with strange origins. There are many versions of this tune, which pass to Fernando Sor, Francisco Tarrega and arrive at Narciso Yepes. The most famous version of Romance is that recorded by Yepes for the soundtrack of the film “Jeux Interdits” of 1952, although probably the music is not completely composed of Yepes, we can imagine that his contribution was fundamental to the success of this melody, which has become synonymous to the classical guitar in the world. It is not very difficult to play, some belonging barré, but it is definitely in effect and pleasant to listen to, so if you do not know it yet, try it even you with your classical guitar.




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    • Dear Greg, if you read it you’ll see that I did not write that Yepes composed Romance, only that it has recorded a popular version. Anyway, thank you for your contribution.

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