Is There Anybody Out There? Pink Floyd – Beautiful Classical Guitar

Pink Floyd - Beautiful Classical GuitarIs There Anybody Out There?” is a song from the Pink Floyd album, The Wall. The second half of the song is an instrumental classical guitar solo. It is not widely known who played it: In several interviews, David Gilmour has said that he tried to perform it, and was not satisfied with the final result (“I could play it with a leather pick but couldn’t play it properly fingerstyle”). Accordingly, session musician Joe DiBlasi was brought in by Michael Kamen to play with the rest of the orchestra. He was ultimately wrongly credited as “Ron DiBlasi” on the album sleeve because Roger Waters only remembered that it was a three-letter name; Ron was the closest name he could remember to Joe when creating the record.

If you love the soft and mysterious sounds of the classical guitar, I can also recommend this version of Gymnopédie N. 1. Thank you.


VIDEO: Is There Anybody Out There? Pink Floyd – Classical Guitar



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