Gymnopedie n° 1 – Erik Satie – Classical Guitar Arrangement

Gymnopedie n° 1 - Erik Satie - Classical GuitarThe Gymnopédies are three works for piano composed by Erik Satie and published in Paris in 1888. The title comes from a Spartan celebrations and the characteristic of these three songs is that they have a uncertain harmony, this concept will later be developed by Debussy. In fact Satie was the forerunner of what will be called “Musical Impressionism”. The first and third Gymnopédies were also orchestrated by Debussy later, helping to making known the work of Satie. The first of these is a slow song in three parts, with a dreamlike melody simple but penetrating that you can very well play with classical guitar.

If you like the music by Erik Satie played with classical guitar, I may also suggest my personal version: “Gymnopédie n. 1” with special natural tuning. Thank you for listening.



VIDEO: Gymnopedie n° 1 – Erik Satie – Classical Guitar Arrangement



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