Meditation Lake – Raga Khamaj and G=384 Hz
Integral 432 Hz

meditation-lake-cover“Meditation Lake” is one of my new compositions in style: “Integral 432 Hz“. In this kind of compositions I try to insert a large number of elements of the mathematics of life.

For example in this piece I used the notes of the Raga Khamaj, a classical Indian raga that I use a lot in my tracks. In fact the notes of this raga match Mixolydian scale in Jazz Western music, but the most important feature is that this raga is joyous and cheerful. To emphasize the warm tone of these notes I used a G tonic, which is stable and harmonious.
In addition to using special harmony, I also used a beneficial intonation scale. For Meditation Lake I have created an hybrid intonation, which is normally Pythagorean with A note at 432 Hz and G note at 384 Hz, but in chromatic points becomes Temperate with only G at 384 Hz. Also Tempo of the song is chosen for be in tune with the frequency of G to 384 Hz.

Try listening to “Meditation Lake“, close your eyes and tell me that arouses feelings there. Maybe you can write it in the comments.

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VIDEO: Meditation Lake – Enzo Crotti – Integral 432 Hz – Original Piano and Guitar

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