“La Granada” Jeremy Choi
Original Composition for Classical Guitar

granada original classical guitarJeremy Choi is a guitarist and composer who playing classical guitar with fresh approaches by developing new repertory and techniques.” Here is how the South Korean guitarist Choi describes himself on his personal web page. The original song “La Granada” that Jeremy proposes is very soft, reminds me of some sounds of the song “Cavatina” played by John Williams, but also the gentle Spanish hills in the picture of Granada on the side. Also interesting is the sound of this beautiful guitar played by Choi: Almaguitar, La Folia 7-string by luthier Mr.Kim.

Good listening to “La GranadaJeremy Choi.
Enzo Crotti home pageby Wenz
Guitarist, Composer



“La Granada” BY Jeremy Choi – You Tube Video

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