Why tune classical guitar to 432 Hz?

classical guitar 432 hz432 Hz for A note is a frequency very important for tuning your instruments and music. If you try to listen to the sound of the guitar, with this tuning will be more gentle and you seem to get better. The reason for this is that the frequencies produced are more natural with a tuning as A = 432 Hz or C = 256Hz. Unfortunately with the temperament you can not have both, you can do it only with the Pythagorean scale and natural tunings used in the past. About music tuned 432 Hz I wrote a book which of course I recommend you read: “Integral 432 Hz Music“. In this book I explain how to make beneficial music that is Art at 360 degrees. For example, you can listen to “Pachelbel’s Canon in D” at the end of this page.


Book: Integral 432 Hz Music – Music and Awareness




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Integral 432 Hz Music




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  1. I think this only matters to people with perfect pitch. As a singer I tune down to Ab but with a flute player I’m up at 442Here. The audience will enjoy the variety of keys involved without knowing why 😉

  2. This is true, but it means that you choose the tuning just for aesthetic or practical reasons. But the frequency of 442 Hz has not a natural base as the frequency of 432 Hz.

  3. i always tune my guitar instrument to 432 Hz and not 440 Hz. It reduce the string tensions and make my playing a bit easier.

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