Nicolò Paganini – Caprice No 24
for Classical Guitar

Niccolo-Paganini-capriccio-guitarThe “24 Caprices, Op. 1” are compositions by Niccolò Paganini, written in 1817. The “Caprice No. 24“, in the key of A minor, is the last of this virtuosic work; it has a theme, eleven variations and a finale. It is considered as one of the harder pieces ever written for solo violin, and it has been the subject of numerous transcripts by subsequent composers. I think it’s probably very difficult even with classical guitar, I can not say if is the most difficult song, but sure it is one of the most complex, where are used many different playing techniques. If you want to experience the emotions of the “evil” virtuosity of Paganini, here is your piece!

If you like classical music played with classical guitar, let me also suggest you “Pavane Op. 50” (Fauré), a special version with Pythagorean tuning. Thank you.



VIDEO: Nicolò Paganini – Caprice No 24 – Classical Guitar


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