What are the best CDs of classical guitar?

best classical guitar cdThis is a question with a difficult answer, that can come to those who approach classical guitar. What are the CDs that should not miss a guitar lover? Let’s see how you can give a sensible answer to this question.

The factors to be evaluated to advise a person listening, or the purchase of a CD of classical guitar are many, beginning by the performer, composer, from the repertoire on the CD, gender, edition, etc. Then there are personal factors that affect the taste of those who must choose, considering a few options in such a large range of recordings as may be that of the classical guitar. For example, someone might appreciate very much the style of Ralph Towner, as it combines improvisation to his compositions very fine, and in fact I try to inspire me to him in my work. Some other musician, however, could seek a cleaning and a touch more accurate and prefer some other interpreter.

Meanwhile, I would say that those unfamiliar with the repertoire of the classical guitar, and wants to get close to it, should definitely turn to the classics, meaning the authors and performers who have made the story more or less recent of this tool. As interpreters would say that certainly should be considered at least A. Segovia, J. Bream, J. Williams, D. Russell, M. Barrueco, E. Fisk. Then maybe someone more recent and contemporary as M. Karadaglić, Ana Vidovic or Andrew York.

For the repertoire, I would say that the authors should be leading by listening J.S. Bach, F. Sor, F. Tarrega, H. Villa-Lobos, Rodrigo, L. Brower and M. Giuliani, Carcassi M. and M. Castelnuovo-Tedesco to mention some important author. Then there are the historical parts, such as “Romanza” (also called “Jeux Interdits”), or “Concerto de Aranjuez” by Rodrigo, or “Recuerdos de la Alhambra” by Tarrega.

Well, after this long introduction, then we see some recommended titles to learn more about classical guitar:

Art of Segovia (2002) – Andres Segovia – Deutsche Grammophon
Classic Williams: Romance of the Guitar (2000) – John Williams – Sony Classical
Baroque Guitar (1991) – Julian Bream – RCA
Rodrigo: Concierto de Aranjuez (1989) – John Williams – Sony Classical
Mediterraneo (2011) – Milos Karadaglic – Deutsche Grammophon
Spanish Guitar Music: Essential Classics (2002) – John Williams – Sony
Guitar Collection (1998) – L. Brouwer – Naxos
Music of Giuliani (1999) – D. Russell – Telarc
Romance D’Amour (1989) – Narciso Yepes – Deutsche Grammophon

Well, these seem to me good titles, maybe they will not be just the best CD of classical guitar, but they are certainly a good starting point to enter the magical world of nylon strings. And in the end, why not? Here’s my latest CD:

Some Little Musical Things (2014) – Enzo Crotti – Wenz Records

by Wenz
Guitarist, Communicator

photo credit: Stoic Meditation via photopin cc

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  1. How in God’s name did Milos get on there? There are countless better guitarists with better records than him.

    What about Bream’s 20th Century Guitar CD with the first recording of Nocturnal? After that album Bream could record whatever he wanted.

    • Yes, but these are the best cd for those who did not know classical guitar and want to know more about. But Bream is the very Best forever I think!!

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