Comparison Between 432 Hz and 440 Hz

Sound Wave 432 Hz
Photo by Luis Lima

The best way to feel the difference between the normal tuning Concert Pitch to 440 Hz and 432 Hz tuning is listen. I propose to you these two versions of a song of mine called “Aria d’Ohm”, which is a particular version of the famous mantra Ohm. Registration is the same, except that one of the two tracks has been changed over time so you do not lose sound quality, so one higher than the version is 8 Hz.

Now breathe deeply, and relax the mind.

Listen to “Aria d’Ohm” at 432 Hz

Focus on your consciousness.

Now listen to “Aria d’Ohm” at 440

Repeat playback of the two alternating tracks and concentrating on the awareness of your feelings while listening.

What a difference you can find in your mental and physical sensations of the two plays?

Music has a profound influence on feelings and emotions through its frequencies, and many people find common feelings by listening to the same songs. For example, I find the sound of 440 Hz slightly more anxiety-provoking and that of 432 Hz is more relaxing. Even if you can not distinguish the difference of 8 Hz between the two files, try to feel your feelings, you’ll see that there is a certain difference.

Your experiences gave fundamental, partly because they were never made serious studies on the difference between the pitch to 440 Hz and one at 432 Hz, so you try to feel the difference and see if you agree with those who say that 432 Hz produces more in tune with our Nature frequencies over 440 Hz. Write well what you’ve found in the comments below. Thank you.

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