The Pythagorean Guitar (256-432 Hz)

Pythagorean Guitar - 432 HzReal music to 432 Hz should also be based on natural scales, which is why I tune my music on the Pythagorean scale. For this reason I decided to change a classical guitar, with the keyboard on the Pythagorean scale, so that the frequency of the note A is 432 Hz and the frequency of the note C is 256 Hz. With this guitar you can play music with frequencies very relaxing, because the scale is not tempered, you can only play music in C major or similar tonality. Try watching the video that is in Italian, but there are English subtitles (if you do not see the subtitles you have to activate them with the appropriate button at the bottom right). At the end of the video there is a live example of one of my relaxing song: “Aria d’Ohm“.

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VIDEO: Pythagorean Guitar – Integral 432 Hz Music – Enzo Crotti



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